Family Jewels PDF Download

Family Jewels PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2016-04-05


Remember when you couldn't wait for a Stone Barrington novel to come out? Not any more for me. This one is an OK read as usual for Woods but has a rare error for him or just laziness in a critical area. There is a point where lights go out. No back-up lights go on. This is simply impossible in this day. Emergency backup battery powered lights are code required for areas where people gather. Ruined the book for me. Not giving anything away here. Woods gets a little duller and a little less crafty with each novel. I also dislike his self righteous and snotty lecture about how to not contact him at the end of this and every one of his books. Woods lacks character development these days. I've stopped caring about his people. I suspect he's a very rich and unfulfilled guy with a lot of rage. Read it if you must. There is a laugh or two and a twist. But overall, eh.

Peasoup 1

Not as exciting as all the others in this series.


This book was one of his best but that does,t mean all others were just a joy to read. Thank you


Until this novel I had enjoyed all the previous episodes of Stone Barrington. This story was way beyond believable and a poor effort by the author.


Like faux jewelry, flashy but lacking in substance. Peppered with references to geography, art and Parisian jewelry design, this book is somewhat entertaining, but not memorable.


Good Stuart Woods action with money, women and jewels. Enjoyed the book with the downside being, I read it in one sitting! Wished for more!


The book is not his best yet. A few typo's which I'm surprised by (one having a deceased person making a comment or having an opinion), but I do enjoy these novels. Some story lines become a bit too far fetched and I wish they would tone that down.