The Nest PDF Download

The Nest PDF Download

By: Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
Genre: Family, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2016-03-22


A complex and compelling story about the complicated relationship of family.

lady bird 10

Good book


I throughly enjoyed this book. Great story, good character development, and it wrapped up nicely in the end.


I'm a fairly particular reader. This was a good read. It held my attention, gave great insight into its characters, and ended well.


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Hoda A.M.

Whiney characters, unrealistic reactions to bad situations, typical druggie-brother-causes-tensions-in-the-family BS storyline. I can just see this being turned into a really bad movie with an all-star cast. Watch some episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 on mute and imagine they're in NY, now you've read this book.


I didn't like the book. It was a flatline. I wouldn't recommend it.

Pickles 7

First book I have ever read from this author. The book was an okay read. I think I finished more out of necessity then true drive. It's a decent read.

Wannabe great runner

I wasn't into this book, yes everything came together in the end and you wanted a good ending. I thought there could be more. More drama, more intrigue, more about why Leo did the things he did.


The description of this book includes the word funny which I didn't find. Really it's just a life story. Siblings are supposed to inherit a bunch of money. One has drug and legal fees that affect them all. Then the story reveals over time how they're all pretty flawed and how everyone is going to be okay in the end. All of the characters are struggling with some kind of issue. There are problems in jobs, money, attitudes and every area. The siblings are the causes of their own unhappiness and have some growing up to do. The family has it's dysfunction, lows and highs. I wasn't crazy about any of the siblings, but they seemed to have likable romantic partners and offspring for the most part. Overall, I liked it, but didn't love it. Reading this book didn't inspire any major feelings in me, but I can see how it would make an interesting tv show.


Overly hyped convoluted story. Not worth my time!


They should have named this book, "This is Where I Leave You Too", but with characters you have no sympathy for because they are all pathetic. I had to struggle to get through. Disappointed I didn't check it out from the library! It was a waste of money!