• Whispers II (Deluxe Version) MP3 Download

Whispers II (Deluxe Version) MP3 Download

Artist: Passenger

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Release Date: 2015-04-20

Title Time

 Fear of Fear


 Catch In the Dark


 A Thousand Matches


 I'll Be Your Man


 Travelling Alone






 The Way That I Need You




 Nothing's Changed


 Two Hands (Acoustic)


 Stolen Toys (Acoustic)


 The Way It Goes (Acoustic)


 Settled (Acoustic)


 Timber and Coal (Acoustic)


 Darkest Days (Acoustic)


    • Ocediis

      After the previous Whispers album, I was wary of this one. But I was pleasantly surprised, as I loved this album. How can Passenger create such weighty music with just a guitar and a few other acoustic instruments? The lyrics and music really come together to create an album that is very, very moving. Close out the world and really listen to this album, and you’ll likely find something extraordinary.

    • ivy nyburg

      Wonderful, from the first to the last track. Mike cannot disappoint.

    • Frosty16322

      Only problem is that the explicit songs on this album don't have the explicit tag

    • Deezdee

      I adore all of his music.

    • Jjsjjsjejsn

      Passenger will forever and always be one of my favorite artists out there <3

    • Ruja

      Passenger at his finest. Buy it. Don’t hesitate! He is donating ALL the proceeds from this album to UNICEF UK. Now that’s AMAZING! Buy it now.

    • shawnamarie23

      It's almost better than Christmas morning…listening to this album for the first time. Each song will be a new present to open. A new creation. A new love. Buying this album means months of listening to it over and over. I almost wanted to wait in order to have something to look forward to. But life is short, so I buy again fast. Mike R. You touch my soul. You give me happiness and joy, feeling and a bit of the sublime every day. For that I thank you. Please don't ever stop writing.

    • Baylove

      Excellent as always, Mike delivers on another wonderful CD that any true Passenger fan will appreciate.

    • j3r1m1@h

      Passenger continues to put out songs that are written with meaning and passion. Too many times artists lose that drive to write there own songs and they end up putting out a record label collaboration. Passenger continues to keep it original and heartfelt. Thank you Mike!

    • callieann01

      I love the way he tells stories through his music. This guy is talented.