• Wicked Man's Rest MP3 Download

Wicked Man's Rest MP3 Download

Artist: Passenger

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Release Date: 2007-01-01

Title Time

 Wicked Man's Rest


 Night Vision Binoculars


 Things You've Never Done


 Do What You Like


 Needle In the Dark


 Four Horses


 You're On My Mind


 For You


 Walk In the Rain


 Table for One


 Girl I Once New


    • jaysjav

      Dusterx1 says this release is missing the Walk You Home track, but it's obviously titled as Night Vision Binoculars. Check before you post.

    • DusterX1

      This album is missing songs! My favorite one is Walk You Home and it's missing, as well as a couple others.

    • Jadelunar

      I love this album, but I bought it mainly for the song Stray Dog, which isn't even on the album!! Not sure how they can release the album in the US and then cheat us out of some of the songs. So disappointed.

    • Mistania

      I have been looking for this album for about 3++ years. I fell in love with the melodic sounds of Passenger many years ago and was confused why their album was unavailable in the US. I looked, snooped and contrived of devious ways to get it here with no success. Until a song of Passenger's newest album made an impact in the radio. If you like "Let Her Go" and the impact of poetic words, I say give this album a try!

    • Bimbo the Bard

      Finally, the album we haven't been able to get in the US! Worth every cent! Thanks iTunes (even if it took forever!)