• Jake Shears MP3 Download

Jake Shears MP3 Download

Artist: Jake Shears

Genre: Alternative

Release Date: 2018-08-10

Title Time



 Good Friends


 Big Bushy Mustache


 Sad Song Backwards


 Everything I'll Ever Need


 All for What




 Creep City


 The Bruiser


 Clothes Off


 Palace in the Sky


 Mississippi Delta (I'm Your Ma


    • Jon DeMichael

      Each listen draws you in more. It reminds me of the first SS album...but I think it’s better...more complete. It’s an experience to listen to it from start to finish. Every song is THAT GOOD! Thank you, Jake Shears!

    • SammyJoDJ

      Much like the early Scissor Sisters tracks this album has it's roots in a southern honky tonk sound only this time way more fleshed out with horns, strings and live musicians. Not one wasted minute. 2 listens and you will be hooked. It's like nothing on the radio or charts which makes it such a welcome addition to today's vapid sounds that try to pass as "inspired".

    • busurfnerd

      Always fun and easy to sing along. Besides my kids took me to see Scissors Sisters when I turned 50 in London. Thanks all around

    • Edweird

      It’s about time!

    • Ignaciomq

      Jake at his best!

    • AudioColin

      Some amazing songs here. Castle in the Sky and SOB are my faves!

    • britneyfan4life5162

      Loves it

    • Polarbearchsr

      The first two singles are dirty, filthy gems! The sound is reminiscent of "Laura" and other early Scissor Sisters songs. I pre-ordered the album, and can't wait to hear the other tracks.

    • laborman

      I like the style that they had with Night Work...dance but dirty lyrics but kinda retro.....not this piano centric music.