• Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea (Deluxe Version) MP3 Download

Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea (Deluxe Version) MP3 Download

Artist: Passenger

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Release Date: 2016-09-23

Title Time



 If You Go


 When We Were Young




 Somebody's Love


 Young as the Morning, Old as t


 Beautiful Birds (feat. Birdy)


 The Long Road


 Fool's Gold




 Young as the Morning, Old as t


 Fool's Gold (Acoustic)


 Beautiful Birds (Acoustic)


 Everything (Acoustic)


 The Long Road (Acoustic)


 When We Were Young (Acoustic)


    • Bouefish

      Passenger on journey to love and whatever life has to offer making deeper lasting connections with fans across generations. His music is emotionally honest and overwhelmingly beautiful. Streaming stories directly into hearts of listeners with captivating voice and poetry. Very different kind of musician that needs to be appreciated for his vulnerability and consistent creative genius. Bring on the awards please!!! He is priceless!

    • Sadegh latify

      I love this album

    • Bobireeno

      The first half is radio pop with trademark three chords and too-simple lyrics that are uncharacteristic for Mike. The album really begins on the title track "Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea." That's the Passenger I've come to know and love. All of his older albums are wonderful classics. Those are much more worth your time and money.

    • Eston Spain

      I love Passenger's latest effort. All the songs are very cerebreal and really move the inner self to a cool place. With that said, I purchased the the entire album on iTunes, but it cannot be burned to a CD. I want to share this with my daughter who lives in a very isolated part of Alaska where they can't even get cellualr coverage let alone cable or wi-fi. Keep kicking out great music like this, but if we buy it please let us share it with our loved ones!

    • hektor1313

      He found his groove again with this record!

    • ListenUp (~)\(~)

      This one's easy on the ears & catchy in a like very nice way too. Another solid release from Passenger. Well worth your time. Looking forward to letting it grow old in the young morning sea as it plays over & over through the upcoming years. Enjoy

    • Billyjoebobdylan

      He just keeps getting better and better. Amazing album. Hopefully he'll release the Youtube covers as a collection. Girl From The North Country is awesome.

    • Matt VanArsdale

      I knew this would be an excellent album. He's such a talented artist that puts so much meaning and care into his songs. Can't wait to enjoy this one through a cold winter!

    • Laurieruc

      Never disappointed......

    • Star Lord 2401

      I am very impressed I love this album is literally is my heart and all of his other albums are great but this one stands out a lot