• Timebomb (Remixes) - Single MP3 Download

Timebomb (Remixes) - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Tove Lo

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2015-08-12

Title Time







    • SwiftyLover333

      1. Timebomb (The Lucas Nord Remix) This remix is a little messy, and feels heavily edited and produced. Maybe that's what the remixer intended though. Some will like the extreme changes the vocals, and some won't. The remix is average length, yet it seems to be longer. On the bright side, the song has okay effects. And it kind of grows on you as the song continues. 3/5 2. Timebomb (The Sonny Alven Remix) The beat is smooth and calm, very slow compared to the original version of Timebomb. In one way, this is a pleasant twist on the song. On the other hand, it takes some energy out of the song. The effects carrying on throughout the song, especially around the many renditions of the chrous, are original, beautiful, and wonderful. They really highlight the use of the piano. The ending is a bit sudden. 4/5 3. Timebomb (The Kate Boy Remix) This is very . . . different. The vocals seem slowed down and lower-pitched, yet the beat under the track sounds as if it's going to speed ahead. This remix feels a bit forced, in my opinion. 2/5 Altogether: The Sonny Alven Remix is BY FAR the best. The Lucas Nord remix is pretty good. Honestly, I think he Kate Boy remix should've been discarded. Tove Lo could've released the two mentioned above as a remix single, or added the original version of Timebomb and made a single out of that. But altogether, I think she did a pretty good job of putting together some good remixes.

    • BostonCelticFan

      Tove Lo is great and I love these fresh twist of her great song.