Looking Forward

“Central Florida doesn’t need another worship gathering.”

I remember uttering those words to countless people two years ago when Crystal and I decided to launch The Crowded House Network. We believed those words then and we believe those words now.

Central Florida does not need another worship gathering but The Crowded House Network does. Over the past few years we have grown from a small gathering of young adults on Tuesday nights, to an inter-generational church consisting of three house churches throughout Central Florida. Our dream is that The Crowded House be a spiritual family on mission together. This was easy to accomplish with eight people on a Tuesday night. Living into this way of being the church when we are three house churches spread out across Central Florida is anything but easy.

In order for us to live into the dream of being a spiritual family on mission together, our leadership team has made the decision to lead us into a new kind of gathering to complete all the good that is happening in our house churches.

On the first and third Sundays of every month, we will gather as an entire network to sing songs of praise, offer prayers for one another, proclaim the good news, and partake of the Eucharist. While this will have similar elements to other church worship gatherings, our focus on communal spiritual growth, corporate prayers and participation, and sacramental theology will make this gathering unmistakably The Crowded House.

This is an exciting time for us as a church. We are stepping into something new and unexplored for us. Just as we had the audacious dream to start a network of house churches in a land of traditional churches, we are exploring what is next as we continue to develop as a family on mission together. We are excited for you to be part of this next step of The Crowded House Network.


First and Third Sunday of the month

5:30-6:30 PM


LifePoint Christian Church

1470 Myrtle Lake Hills Rd.

Longwood, FL


What Should I Expect?

This gathering will be a time for the network to grow as a spiritual family. We will sing together, pray together, hear the gospel together, and participate in the Sacraments together. The gathering will feel like home. All are welcome, all are included.

Will this replace my current Sunday worship?

Maybe. Over half our people don’t attend Sunday worship anywhere. The house church is their only corporate gathering. Others still attend what we might call a traditional Sunday gathering. For those that attend a traditional Sunday gathering, this new venture might replace the other gathering. For some, they will attend both. The Crowded House has never tried to steal from other churches or be competitive with other churches. That spirit will continue, but as we continue to grow, we expect more and more people to be completely vested in The Crowded House.

What about kids?

One of our seven key practices is being present with children. Because of this, we will start this new gathering with children remaining with us. There will be a time for children to receive a special proclamation just for them. During the sermon, the children will be provided a kid-friendly outline or participation worksheet to follow along. If you have ever experienced a Crowded House gathering, you know we welcome interruptions from children as an opportunity to know and experience Jesus in fresh and exciting ways.

What about our house church?

The house church will always be our focal point as a church. We exist to move the spiritual family into the neighborhood. The moment this large gathering becomes the focus, is the moment The Crowded House has lost its way. In other words, if you can only make it to one gathering, choose the house church.

Who can I ask???

Please send all questions to Jeremy Penn via email at jeremy.penn@thecrowdedhouse.net


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