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Many people have asked how they can pray or partner with The Crowded House Network. In response to this, we have decided to write a monthly Prayer and Partner blog.

Ways you can pray:

1. Pray for the emerging network of house churches. We currently have 2.5 house churches connected within the network. Why 2.5? Two are fully functioning and meeting for family dinners each week. The .5 represents a new church that is launching very soon. We have a family that is organizing itself and one other family around the structure and practices of The Crowded House Network. They should be ready to launch in the next few weeks.  Pray for each of these groups. Pray that they would reflect the person of Jesus in their relationships. Pray that they would serve their communities as missionaries to a post-Christian culture. Pray that they will be faithful to the calling God has given them.

2. Pray for our missional locations. We are finding places to be present as the the people of God within a culture that does not know him. Pray that we would reflect Jesus well to a watching world.

3. Pray for missionary pastors. We have a need for 1-2 more pastors who would be willing to take the leap and join this mission. It is a big ask to call pastors to leave a steady pay check and go into a mission that requires fundraising for the foreseeable future. However, the work is exciting and rewarding. Pray pastors and missionaries would be compelled by this vision.

4. Pray for the Penn Family. The Penn Family are already on this missionary-pastor journey and are learning new rhythms of life and work. It has been good but the learning curve is steep.
Ways you can partner:

1. Give Financially. We are currently 40% funded for the year. This is amazing! The outpouring of generosity has been incredible! We wold love to be at 100% by June 1st! You can give by clicking here.

2. Host a Social. Many people want to give but don’t have the financial capability. This is fine! Some people in this position have decided to host a social where friends and family are invited to hear our story and what we are doing. These socials connect the network with people and donors who we would otherwise never meet. Schedule a social by contacting us here: jeremy.penn@thecrowdedhouse.net

3. Launch a House Church. We are always looking for leaders who believe in this mission and want to launch a Crowded House expression in their home, workplace, or other setting. Contact us about this possibility via email here: jeremy.penn@thecrowdedhouse.net

4. Share the Story. One amazing way to partner with us is to share The Crowded House story. Share this webpage on Facebook or twitter, connect us with those who might want to be involved, talk to your church or missions committee about us, etc. Simply share the story

Thank you for being an early adopter of our mission and vision. Thank you for praying for us and for sacrificing resources to make this vision a reality! We are looking forward to sharing future updates as this continues to take shape.


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