Community the Way it Should Be: Will You Partner With Us?

In January of this year we launched The Crowded House Network with great excitment. Our vision was to establish a number of faith communities in various homes throughout central Florida. As these communities gathered and were shaped around our core prinicples, it was the hope of the leadership team that the communities would begin to enter their neighborhoods on mission.

Since launching, we have established three house churches and become present as the body of Christ in a handful spaces throughout central Florida. We have served meals to the families of sick children at The Ronald McDonald House, we have shared tables in cafes and restaurants all over our cities, and have establish a unique expression of the church in downtown Sanford.

Through this work we have witnessed people deciding to follow Jesus for the first time, people who have walked from their faith have returned, and friends who doubted that God cared for them have found rest in his presence.

This is how one of our members describes the last five months:

The Crowded House offers community the way it should be. It offers a network of people who live life together. Each house church has the opportunity to grow deep roots while being able to connect to a larger body of believers across central Florida. Both intimate relationships and big-picture mission are experienced and practiced.

I don’t know if we could have imagined a better start to this new and exciting mission God has called us on.

As we look toward the future we are hoping to expand this network of house churches into more neighborhoods. We hope to equip these churches to be present in new spaces as the body of Christ. We desire to see the work of God in and through this network as he continues to reconcile all things unto himself.

In order for this mission to be sustainable, we are in need of monthly financial partners and one time gifts. We are currently looking for 80 individuals and families to partner with us by giving $50-$100/month (of course partners can give more or less). When we reach this goal, we are confident the network can be sustained for years to come and this new expression of the church can continue to spread throughout central Florida.

If you would like to partner with us in this way, follow this link
If you would like to set-up a meeting with us, email Jeremy at

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