The Crowded House Network


Borderland Experiences: Counter Testimony in the Story of God and His People

BORDERLAND EXPERIENCES “I lost my job.” “A family member passed away” “My doctor told me I have cancer.” This has been the life of The Crowded House since we launched. Amidst our celebrations there has been pain and sadness. Amidst our thriving there have been borderland experiences. While some are telling stories of joy, others...
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One Year Reflection

“I hate the man who did this!” Those words still haunt me. My daughter spoke them early in the morning as we watched the chaos of the Pulse shooting unfold on the local news station. I am haunted by her words because I knew that we would have to move her past hate. As followers...
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Community the Way it Should Be: Will You Partner With Us?

In January of this year we launched The Crowded House Network with great excitment. Our vision was to establish a number of faith communities in various homes throughout central Florida. As these communities gathered and were shaped around our core prinicples, it was the hope of the leadership team that the communities would begin to enter...
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Choosing to Love Where You Are

  Last Monday I was sitting at a Starbucks waiting for a friend to arrive to talk about church planting initiatives. To pass the time, I started to scroll through Instagram to see all the adventures my friends were having. It wasn’t even thirty seconds into liking photos I began to feel a bit restless....
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Mundane and Menial

I was talking with a friend this morning about the pressure and temptation to share big stories that will impress the masses. I often fight the desire to chase the big story. I assume the people I communicate and share stories with want to hear about miracles and crazy coincidences baptized in providential language. More often...
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April Update

Introducing Storytellers  Each month we meet at a local coffee shop to hear stories of the Kingdom from members and friends of our network. We call this monthly gathering Storytellers. This month our good friend Uday shared his story of finding hope in the God who is creative. At the end of his presentation Uday...
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