About The Crowded House Network

The dream of The Crowded House Network began as a group of ten young adults meeting in the home of Jeremy and Crystal Penn. This small gathering of visionary young people began meeting in October 2014 as an experimental community connected to Northland, A Church Distributed located in Longwood, FL. The small gathering committed to live out the practices of the ancient church as described in the book of Acts. The group always planned on expanding and launching new communities with similar values throughout Central Florida. After meeting for over two years, the small gathering made the decision to be a missionary church-planting network that worked in partnership with institutional churches to establish a network of fresh expressions of the church.

The Crowded House Network launched as an independent church network in January 2017. The network currently has one fully realized house church and two others that are in formation. The network is also establishing itself as the tangible presence of Christ in various community establishments throughout Central, FL.

It is our goal that by the year 2020 the network will have established ten house churches that are engaging their communities on mission.


About Jeremy and Crystal Penn

Jeremy and Crystal have been married for 12 years. They have been involved in para-church and church ministry for all of those twelve years.

Jeremy writes on his personal blog found on this page and also for Kindred Youth Ministry. He holds degrees from Vennard College, Talbot School of Theology, and is a doctoral student at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Crystal is a science teacher at Millennium Middle School in Sanford, FL. She has degrees in various science fields, Bible, and education from numerous colleges.

Jeremy and Crystal enjoy traveling, offering hospitality, watching movies on Netflix, and exploring Florida. They are the parents of Riley and Phoenix.

The Crowded House Network is a network of churches
that gather in homes, coffee shops, bars, and bookstores across Central Florida.

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